Selective soldering

Electromagnetic induction

Induction generators with high repeatability, precise temperature control, and automatic machines for induction soldering and induction brazing

  • High frequency generators up to 5.5 kVA
  • Temperature control with optical pyrometers and thermal cameras
  • Custom and robotic solutions for induction soldering and induction brazing
  • Cartesian Robot for induction soldering and induction brazing
  • High vacuum and high temperature ovens
  • AOI for control the soldering joint

The electromagnetic induction technique makes it possible to avoid the naked flames and there is no contact with the workpieces.
It is very precise, powerful, selective, and can controlled with different techniques.
The design skills and the long experience of Sinergo make it possible to obtain the best results for each specific need of the Customers.

Since the beginnig, Sinergo has been manufacturing high frequency electromagnetic field generators for different applications, such as tin alloy soldering in electronics, high volume production of power semiconductors and sensors on ceramic substrates, automotive components, braze soldering with silver alloys in mechanics, electromechanics and micro-mechanics, jewelry and eyewear sectors, selective heat treatment also under inert atmosphere or high vacuum with temperatures over 2000°C for industrial and military applications, braze soldering of components for cooling liquids systems and for the "white" appliances sector, for the production of loudspeakers, for the processing of medical components in clean-room, for the production of optoelectronic components and soldering of quartz optical fibers, "welding" of carbon fiber composite materials for aeronautical use, localized hardening, polymerization of glues in inaccessible components, RF excitation of glues, excitation of metals in ceramic lamps HID UHP, automated testing of electromechanical components by means of instantaneous and contactless localized heating and more...

Very often Sinergo, thanks to its specific know-how, develops dedicated and very refined solutions whit electromagnetic induction, integrated with process controls, temperature measurement and adjustment with pyrometers and thermo camera, data recording and more with SCADA and MES platforms according to Industry 4.0 directives.

In addition, our inductive heaters are integrated in the various robotic machines that Sinergo manufactures, Cartesian type or with robotic arms, stand-alone or for production lines.

The strength of Sinergo is also the miniaturization of generators and inductors that allows the execution of operations not possible until now. The quality of the soldering or brazing or the welding is the highest, because the heat generation takes place inside the workpieces, in a very uniform way and without the need of energy transmission from an external tool: tests of pressure seal or mechanical seal show resistance performances of the workpieces even double or triple compared to other joining techniques.. The laboratory analysis of the joint sections, whether soldering, braze soldering, thermoplastic matrix joints, show regular and optimal distributions and low porosity and defects. The energy efficiency of Sinergo electromagnetic induction generators is the highest because the electrical efficiency of the generators exceeds 90% especially because the heating is very localized and selective, thus avoiding energy waste. Power on and off times are immediate: our electromagnetic induction machines do not require preheating or cooling stages.

M4 MEGAHERTZ induction

High frequency generators from 1.5 to 2.5 kVA

M4 induction

High frequency generators from 1.5 to 3 kVA

SINTESI 900 induction

High frequency generators from 2 to 5.5 kVA

SINAX i-15 induction

Cartesian Robot for induction soldering and induction brazing
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