Selective soldering

SINTESI 900 induction

  • Top class design and construction.
  • Single head or two commutating heads
  • High performance
  • Solid state converter
  • High frequency
  • Heavy duty
  • 19” rack size
  • CE
  • 3x400 Vac supply 50-60Hz with PSU 5 supply unit
  • Water cooled system
  • Working frequency up to 1000 KHz
  • Induction heads ø 70 mm and 80x80
  • Inductor separated water cooling circuit available
  • Accessories and XYZR adjustable stand available

  • Sintesi 900-2 2,0 Kva power 1 or 2 commutating heads
  • Sintesi 900-4 4,0 Kva power 1 or 2 commutating heads
  • Sintesi 900-6 5,5 Kva power 1 output head

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Fully programmable: instantaneous power, preheating, heating, post heating time, cooling down,
  • Working programs saving and recalling by operator interface or by external PLC/PC Inert gas valves management RS232/485 communication bus
  • Ready to plug IR pyrometer.
  • Integrated functions for “spot” or “thermography” temperature measurement and control
  • High efficiency, high ruggedness, long life, compact heads
  • Robotic use ready
  • Extra flex connection cable with bayonet connectors both sides
  • Gold plated standard and special electrodes
  • Made by CAD CAM CNC gold plated
  • Gold plated separated water cooling circuit available
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