Selective soldering


  • Sinergo industrial “laser diode soldering robot”
  • “Top class” design & construction.
  • High performance PLC NC PC motion controller.
  • Up to six axes, brushless motors, interpolated.
  • Recirculating balls guides and screws
  • Very high speed and precision movements.
  • Sinergo “SINLAS 50” laser source
  • Soldering process controlled by fast IR pyrometer and advanced PID+Fuzzy programmable algorithm.
  • Wide working area.
  • Custom versions available.
  • Remote management.
  • Option: database, statistics and traceability.
  • Accurate risk assessment and safety protections.
  • CE compliant.
  • EPA compliant.
  • Several versions available:
  • Manual loading of piece inside the cell
  • Piece loading by operator, on sliding tray.
  • Rotating servo table version.
  • Fully automatic versions like ..
  • Pallet line or smema line.
  • 330x350xH150 mm working area.
  • Special laser head with sensors.
  • Tin wire feeder unit with encoder “NC”
  • Backlash free superfast rotating axes.
  • Buffered encoders: immediate start up, o no “homing” required.
  • Machine vision for the self-alignment & robot driving
  • Laser device to detect the effective height of piece
  • Soldering process study and optimization
  • Dedicated tooling design and supply.
  • Barcode or datamatrix reader integration
  • Larger working area version
  • “SINLAS 50” laser source
  • “OP” infrared pyrometer or thermo camera (opt.)
  • “SI-CHILL 25” water cooling set rack 19”
  • 18” touch panel PC Human Machine Interface.
  • Multilanguage display ( language file loading )
  • Infinite numbers of working programs.
  • Many functions available: single point, step by step, sliding soldering, skip to, pre-tinning functions,
  • Temperature profile management.
  • Inert gas protection during soldering.
  • Indexed fixtures and/or pallet RFID recognition.
  • Local & remote program managing and recalling.
  • Five levels password access.
  • Diagnostic interface and maintenance banner
  • Over internet remote diagnostic & managing
  • Management of inert gas valves, pallet stopper and lifter, interface to external line PLC, …
  • Width 1150 mm max
  • Depth 1200 mm max
  • Height 2100 mm max + lights
  • Weight ~550 Kgs max
CLASS 1 laser product.
“sealed” laser system containing a CLASS 4 laser source.

  • Main supply: 3x400 Vac 50-60Hz max. 12A 3poles + GND socket 32A
  • Option: independent supplies: 1x230 Vac 50-60
  • Robot only 10 A max. - chiller 16A max. - laser 6A max.
  • Compressed air 6Kg/cm2 connection
  • LAN & USB socket
  • Collector for external fume extraction
  • ESD bracelet point socket
  • Sinergo software license
  • Panel PC Windows 7 license
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