Selective soldering


  • 4 heads Sinergo Automatic Laser Soldering
  • Pin Trimming Automatic
  • Optical Inspection
  • Two Robots Handling
  • Pin
  • Soldering time:
  • ≤ 2,5 seconds 
  • SINLAS: multiple heads allows 0,7 second/pin soldering time performance
  • Fast tracking and closed loop temperature control, advanced PID function
  • Programmable controlled tin wire feeder units.
  • Pre-heating of piece before processing: programmable up to 200 °C.
  • 4 fast cameras to grab, record and display the soldering process
Main functions

  • Scara robot n° 1 : pick & place of pieces from multiple trays.
  • Scara robot n° 2 : pick & place of soldered parts to fill output trays.
  • Station 1: hot plate buffer to pre-heat parts.
  • Machine vision 1: to check the piece position into fixture.
  • Machine vision 2: to read datamatrix and/or code.
  • Station 3: to feed and cut pins from wire reels
  • Station 4,5,6,7: independent laser soldering units, with cameras.
  • Station 8: pin height precision trimming unit.
  • Machine vision 3: to measure pins height. 0,01 mm accuracy.
  • Machine vision 4: to detect soldered joint shape and quantity.
  • Machine vision 5: to detect empty fixture before loading.
  • Width 1150 mm max.
  • Depth 1200 mm max.
  • Height 2100 mm max + lights.
  • Weight 2000 Kgs max.
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