Selective soldering


Electronic or automotive parts assembling and soldering by Sinergo hot iron units.

  • 12 stations, rotating table machine. “stand-alone version” or “automatic version” with pallet conveyors line.
  • Integrated stoppers and lifters.
  • Fast electric XYZR pick & place system to take the piece from pallet and release it to the jig located on the rotating disc.
  • When piece is done, pick & place unit brings it from the fixture and moves to the pallet, on output conveyor.
  • Fully automatic, error proof, “gripper change system” on pick & place arm
  • 12 floating fixtures on table: two or more different jig models can be used.
  • Automatic monitoring of the fixture model, presence, position, status.


  • Station 1
    Interface to the conveyors line  by pick & place
  • Station 2
    Twin automatic vacuum gripper to align and lock the PCB board
  • Station 3
    Fixture lifts up and  rotates, so that the “cutting unit” trims long wires on PCB.
  • Station 4
    PCB position and height control by 3 lasers. Dispensing of gel flux by jet valve, mounted on XYZ electric ax es actuator
  • Station 5 - 6 - 7
    Sinergo hot iron soldering stations, on electric axis, including precision tin wire feeder, tip cleaning unit, adjustable independent slides.
  • Station 8
    PCB “pushing down” station to fit the board into the housing
  • Stations 9 - 10 - 11
    Sinergo hot iron soldering stations
  • Station 12
    Sinergo AOI system, multicolor lighting

Tecnical specification, weight, dimensions, power demand,...
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