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Why did Sinergo set up a modern and complete internal CAM CNC machining workshop, as if it were a factory inside the factory?

The reason is in our initial choice, the one highlighted in the company’s "mission" since 1991: our entire team is committed to seeking daily an even higher quality in each detail of products.In fact all our technicians work to build machines that are more and more efficient and precise, to satisfy our customers.

That is why we cannot delegate these delicate activities to someone else. We need to make each single component as we imagined and designed it. We want to make all the parts perfect. Each element must fit well into our automations and robotics lines. This is our vocation: to take care of our product in a tailoring way, starting from the development first step up to the final product, even ensuring then perfect spare parts quickly even after decades. And our "tailors dressed in blue apron" with their long experience and with modern machines do it at their best, for small pieces of a few millimetres as well as for big ones large two meters, and always with high precision.


A qualified staff and high quality standards are at your disposal to develop innovative and customized solutions. Each request becomes a goal to achieve.

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