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Top performance top quality equipment for automotive & electroinc devices

Top performance top quality equipment for automotive & electroinc devices

The system is of the ISO 8 type for cleanroom and complies with the EPA standard area rules, with on-board ionizers and related controls, with total integration into the factory management systems, according to "Industry 4.0" standard and with the guarantee of full traceability of parts and recording of each parameter related to their processing, assuring full protection of data protection in case of power supply fault.

It is provided of 6-position electronic rotary table, while operator provides loading and unloading of parts.

The fixtures has been designed for the highest possible ergonomics and is made of hardened and treated steel for a very long operating life, always with a guarantee of high mechanical precision.

The functions are:
First of all, the machine checks automatically the presence of the parts, their processability with queries to the servers, their correct position, as well as the color coherence of the electric wires and barcode codes and datamatrix

Then a fluid is dosed in several places on the piece by volumetric valve, respecting specification of high precision and repeatability both for the quantity as well for the position. There is also the fully automatic function for the nozzle alignment, and also the integrated, periodic, programmable, precision automatic weighing.

A machine vision system checks by UV light geometry of the dispensed fluid

Later a robotic station SCARA, with very complete and flexible programming, performs soldering with high mechanical and physical repeatability. The process is display at high definition real-time live video

At the next station a three-dimension 3D AOI system performs quality control of soldering quality, referred to IPC 610 norm.  

The operator finds, however, on a secondary dedicated display, high definition images  of each soldered joint,  allowing judgment option .

The operator interface is very refined, with modern graphics and sober tones, complete with all the necessary commands, meanwhile logical and intuitive, with some functions developed by Sinergo staff to meet specific requests by the Customer.

the articulated arm allows to place the control console in any side where the operator needs.


A qualified staff and high quality standards are at your disposal to develop innovative and customized solutions. Each request becomes a goal to achieve.

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