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To be really "green" Sinergo towards full energy efficiency.

Sinergo towards full energy efficiency: how to become green.

Energy efficiency, savings, green sustainability, ... these concepts must become fundamental and strategic values for a company. Not just slogans to show off but values on which to base any future project. The transition towards a more environmentally friendly management is urged by everyone and by the National and European Authorities too. Sinergo takes care of this advice by acting in concrete. Sinergo products are not only energy-efficient; Sinergo factory is in constant transformation for the progressive reduction of consumption and environmental impact. Within the last two years Sinergo has replaced all lamps with exclusively LED lights: today there isn’t anymore any single filament light bulb.
Sinergo replaced stained glass windows bringing much more natural light inside the factory, improved insulation, windows ...and above all the installation of heat pump systems of great energy efficiency has been already partially realized but it is going to be completed.
In few weeks then the combustion heating system will be permanently turned off and Sinergo will no longer burn even a drop of fossil fuels. The heat pump air conditioning will ensure to everyone a comfortable working environment both in summer and winter too and it will let a better quality of life in places where people spend much of their day. A new photovoltaic system with over 100 high power panels is being installing: it will produce electricity to support the conditioning and needs from the production departments.
The integrated management of electricity production from photovoltaic, the demand for energy from the grid and the management of air conditioning environments with timely adjustments to zones and times will have a synergic action of additional energy efficiency. Sinergo chose to invest mainly in the "green" conversion, believing that everyone must be the actor of an indispensable transformation towards a cleaner and more sustainable world. All activities carried out, all investments made, the installed systems are not a point of arrival for Sinergo but stages of a continuous path towards a better quality and respect for the environment.


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