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How was born Sinergo?

Interview to our CEO Francesco Gatto

Sinergo stems from my passion for electronic, a passion I’ve always had since I was a child.
In 1991 I refused some interesting job offers and I decided to start an activity by myself.
It seemed to me a favorable time to start but soon the economic Italian situation got worse and a difficult period started.
I struggled almost two years to study, to try and my just-graduated friend Alberto Martin often backed me.
We spent together long days, Saturdays and Sundays, nights, in my garage: I had a workbench with books, layouts, electrical test circuits …..with huge patience my girlfriend Susy, today my wife, looked at me drawing electronic schemes on the towel while waiting a pizza or on the sand during our very rare trips to the beach.
I really struggled on in that period: almost isolated from the whole world, focused on one goal to reach.
Finally I created a first prototype of induction generator for brazing optical metal frames: I took courage to “knock at all doors” to sell my first item.
In the meanwhile Susy found a 100mq warehouse in Via Foscolo in Valdobbiadene where I settled my laboratory, with some troubles in the beginning because I finished all my personal savings.
But I undertook the right direction : my activity started to grow and my first Customers trusted on me.
Soon Sinergo (this is the name chosen for the company founded by me and Susy) entered into the market of equipment for the optical frame industry, at that time very strong in Cadore and surrounding areas.
As I noticed this industry was not so focused in innovation, in 1995 I decided to look at other industrial fields as automotive, households appliances and not only for the domestic market.
I recruited some young technicians: thanks to their fantasy and enthusiasm we created several products. They were artisanal, it’s true, but very accurate and based on new functionalities.
In this years Sinergo debuted at fairs as MIDO, BIMU in Milan and then Bologna, Verona and then in Germany, France …. I still remember the feeling when I opened my first stand the first day of my first Fair.
I organized also some “open house by invitation” in Valdobbiadene and other locations, as Lycée de l’Optique a Morez in France , a very specialized  school that didn’t even exist in Italy at that time.
In 1997 at Optimac Fair Sinergo won a prize because of its technological innovation: it was strange to see  that at that time only three Customers appreciated my invention, the same has become now the base for new entire production lines very innovative and robotized. In fact, in 2017, twenty years later, Sinergo has been building these kind of “4.0” lines, the only ones in the world able to perform automatically the same delicate operation made by hands since centuries.
At the beginning of the New Millennium the production moved too into the power semiconductor field and  later some “unattainable ” multinational companies became (I’m proud of this) our customers.
So far it has been amazing to invent new processes and new industrial innovations, all highly sophisticated.
Because flexible and innovative I can claim that our solutions boosted both production and turnover of our customers and of course boosted Sinergo’s development too.
To reach certain goals you should have a creative mind, but skills and some technical tools too: CAD software, tools for the software design creation, machine vision systems, as well as CNC milling and turning machines.
More and more Sinergo is investing today in  logistic matters and new machineries.
A 2500mq production space completely updated and new CNC machineries able to work till 2000x1000mm, Laboratory tests, electrical and mechanical software CAD  , PDM, CAM, for simulation, for images analysis, for supervision “industry 4.0” and on and on…
All this to say that today with my job I’m still following the same path traced thirty years ago with my hobby.
And I have to say too that the collaboration with professional people has been essential to reach my goal.
A complex and innovative structure needs competence, skills, a proper communication and connections within the group….. in one word: synergy.
“Sinergo” comes out from this word that has a Greek origin and it means “to cooperate together to reach a common outcome”.
This is, I think, the best product created starting from my original passion: a professional team able to cope with new challenges and keen to be more and more ambitious.


A qualified staff and high quality standards are at your disposal to develop innovative and customized solutions. Each request becomes a goal to achieve.

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